Rocket U2 Platform Support

The U2 data servers are available on a wide variety of hardware platforms, processor cores and operating system (O/S) levels. Decisions on which hardware platforms to support and at what O/S level are made on an on-going basis determined by market demands. Porting priorities are also made based on market requirements in conjunction with our binary compatibility statement. U2 features that are built into the specific version of the data server follow the same platform support matrix as the data server. See the Rocket U2 Product Availability Matrix at:

U2 Tools (e.g. SystemBuilder, U2 Web DE) that are built using only the U2 Basic language will run on the version of the data server to which they were ported and any higher version unless otherwise noted.

U2 Tools (e.g. SystemBuilder, U2 Web DE) or components that include low level language compiled to the machine level as well as BASIC which is compiled to the pcode level will run on the specific O/S and data server level noted and any higher level unless it is not binary compatible or is otherwise noted. If the OS Release indicates All, see the product documentation for more specific information on the minimum operating system versions recommended. For any questions on platform support, email

Binary Compatibility

The U2 Binary Compatibility statement covers U2 Programs which are ported at the Operating System (O/S) level. This excludes SB+ Server, which is ported at the U2 data server version level. We generally port to the lowest possible vendor-supported O/S level in order to support the broadest base of users. Due to resource limitations, we do not install each service pack and patch level of each O/S we support in order to certify that our data server will run. Instead we depend on the vendorís statement of binary compatibility.

If the vendor indicates that the latest release of their O/S is binary compatible with an earlier version, we expect that our data servers will run at that O/S level. If the O/S has changed its major version number (e.g. AIX 6x to 7x), or we have concerns based on past or current field experience, we will install the new O/S release and run our QA certification to before initial confirmation of binary compatibility.

Version dependencies for linking in external C routines may limit the extent of binary compatibility. It may be required to compile external C routines on the same version of the O/S on which the data server was built.

If, for any reason, we find that binary compatibility fails, we will attempt to work around the binary compatibility problem in our code and re-build the program on the earliest possible release level such that it will support that and subsequent release levels.

Linking Limitations

When we build U2 on a certain O/S release level and certify that it will run on a higher level based on our binary compatibility statement, there may still be limitations on the ability to link in C routines via CallBasic, InterCall and CallC for UniData or UCI, InterCall and GCI for UniVerse unless they are built at the same O/S level on which the data server was actually built. The ability to link in C routines compiled at a different O/S level than the data server depends solely on the O/S vendor's compiler options and stated support for mixed version linking. Note: If U2 is compiled as a 64-bit binary, any C routines which will be linked it must also be compiled as 64-bit binaries.

Support Statement

The primary porting platforms supported by Rocket U2 programs are:

We also support programs on HPUX on PA-Risc and, for UniVerse, Solaris on x86. Please contact if you have a business need to see a new major release ported to this platform.

Platforms and O/S versions may be withdrawn from support by Rocket U2 under the following circumstances:

Note: If your system is running on a platform other than one that is mentioned, Rocket may be able to help through our Professional Services organization.

Rocket U2 Programs that run on Windows are generally supported on the latest supported releases of Windows (e.g. Windows Server 2008, 2012 and Windows 8).

Please check the product availability matrix and look for announcements via social media, the U2 News Flash and direct emails to those who have opted in on RBC for this communication.

Please check the product availability matrix and look for announcements via social media, the U2 News Flash and direct emails to those who have opted in on RBC for this communication.

For information on Microsoft support for Windows versions, see the Windows Lifecycle at

Please note that Microsoft Windows comes in a number of editions or packages and we test a wide variety of combinations. While we may not test every possible permutation of version/edition/package, our certification covers most business-level editions or packages of Windows.

Current releases of U2 Products that are ported on Linux include the distribution details including glibc and kernel versions. U2 customers installing a distribution or version not specifically mentioned should check the binary compatibility statement of their Linux vendor. To obtain support, customers must be able to reproduce any issues on a supported Linux distribution and version.