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Tech Note
2011-05-23 22:37
2011-05-25 17:00
Alert: UniVerse 11.1.2 will not start automatically on AIX

Due to a change to the UniVerse install script, UniVerse 11.1.2 will not start automatically on AIX. The problem only occurs at UniVerse 11.1.2 and will be fixed in UniVerse 11.1.3.


The workaround for this problem is to run the following commands as root once:
rm /etc/uv.rc
ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/uv.rc /etc/uv.rc

After the above commands have been run UniVerse will start on boot up properly.

Symptoms of this problem

- If no UniVerse version existed on the system previously, no UniVerse daemons will start on boot.
- If the previous version was UniVerse 11.1.0, the UniVerse daemons will start on boot but use the 11.1.0 uv.rc file. We recommend that you do the workaround noted above so that the correct uv.rc file will be used.

In this situation, if you start UniVerse manually it will use the /etc/rc.d/init.d/uv.rc file, which is from UV 11.1.2. This file is noted in the .uvrcloc file located in your UniVerse home directory. But, if UniVerse is started at boot, it will use the /etc/uv.rc file, which is from UV 11.1.0.

Between UniVerse 11.1.0 and 11.1.2, several changes were made to the uv.rc file including UNV-4722/4723 (test errors from uv.rc) and UNV-4842 (enhancements to UniVerse stop/start script). For details on these changes refer to the patchlist file located in the UniVerse home directory.

- If the previous version was UniVerse 10.3.x or prior, the UniVerse daemons will not start properly. Several errors/core dumps can occur, including:

When you start a UniVerse shell, the error displayed is:

U_mutexwait(1), mainId:0, subId:0, errno=22.
Process 323810 Exit at ../shmbuf.c,301: error=-1

If you attempt to stop UniVerse, the error displayed is:

# bin/uv -admin -stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/uv.rc[56]: 5636136 Memory fault(coredump)
System error from 'stopuvsmm', exit-code:139.

If you upgraded from UniVerse 10.3.x or prior, use the following steps to resolve this problem ('/usr/uv' is your UniVerse home path):

1. Run 'ipcs -m |grep ace', for example:

# ipcs -m |grep ace
m 1 0xacecb100 --rw-rw-rw- root system

2. Remove any segments, with 'ipcrm -m #', the id is between the 'm' and '0xacecb100'.
3. Check that '/usr/uv/bin/showuv' returns no lines, remove lines with 'kill -9' if needed.
4. Start UniVerse with '/usr/uv/bin/uv -admin -start'
5. Perform workaround noted above:

- rm /etc/uv.rc
- ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/uv.rc /etc/uv.rc