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Setting up a UniData account for U2 DataVu without CONVERT.SQL


In order to access or create queries from files in a UniData account using U2 DataVu, you must first make the files accessible to JDBC.

The recommended method is to use the CONVERT.SQL command.  This method adds additional items to the dictionary and you may not want this to happen to your dictionaries.

Note : CONVERT.SQL takes items with non-SQL compliant names and creates copies with SQL compliant names.

This document provides a solution allowing to expose UniData files to U2 DataVu without requiring to run CONVERT.SQL on these files.


The attached 'UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGE' program sets up access to the UniData files allowing U2 DataVu to query them.

This command runs on the UniData server.

To run the program, you must log in as root (for UNIX/LINUX systems) or be a member of the Administrator Group (on Windows systems).



Where filename is the UniData file that you want to add to the privilege file. 

There are two versions of the UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGE program attached to this document.  One for Windows/Linux users and one for UNIX users.

Steps to install:

1. Download the appropriate file:

UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGES_WIN for Windows or Linux servers


2. Rename the file to UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGES

3. Move the file to $UDTHOME/sys/CTLG/u


Note: When running the command, if you get an error similar to the following:

(\YourUdtHomePath\sys\CTLG\u\UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGES) has a bad header


You can download the other version, or resolve the issue using the convcode command:

From the OS prompt, execute: 

convcode \YourUdtHomePath\sys\CTLG\u\UPDATE.SQL.PRIVILEGES