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Alert: I-type Index calling BASIC subroutine may result in unreleased record locks

At UniVerse Release 11.1.0, under a specific set of conditions an active record lock will incorrectly remain locked when the record is written. This can occur when an I-type Index which calls a BASIC subroutine exists on the UniVerse file AND the BASIC subroutine performs WRITE operations to UniVerse files.

When these conditions exist, the record lock set on the record in the primary file will not be released on the WRITE statement. The lock will also remain set after the BASIC program terminates. The lock will be released when the UniVerse session which set the lock exits.

This issue only exists in the 11.1.0 release on IBM AIX and HP Itanium. In releases 11.1.1 and above, this issue has been fixed. An 11.1.2 release for the IBM AIX and HP Itanium platforms has been scheduled for availability on February 28th, 2011.

If you are running UniVerse 11.1.0 and have an I-type index with these characteristics, the recommendation is to remove this index from the file until the 11.1.2 release is available. Alternatively, the WRITE statements in the BASIC subroutine can be commented/removed as this will eliminate the locking issue.