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What you need to know before you upgrade to UniVerse 11.1

UniVerse 11.1 could be described as one of the most ambitious releases of UniVerse we've ever delivered. Several new major features have been introduced alongside improvements and additions to existing functionality. These include External Database Access (EDA), Java Persistence API (JPA), 64 bit versions, ADE improvements including Encrypted Indexes and Keys, BUILD.INDEX CONCURRENT, Websphere MQ API, Secure HTTP and U2 Replication.

Due to changes to existing features and implementation of new features, there are new daemons, memory structures, configuration parameters and new behaviours that you will see even if you do not use the new functionality.

The attached document describes the changes made at UniVerse 11.1. The majority of the document explains the daemons, memory structures, events and their associated configurable parameters. The rest of the document covers some of the other important changes in 11.1.

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